Lenti. A true story. A good story.

The founder: Attilio Lenti

During the BelleÉpoque, on the shores of the Po River, our company's founder, Attilio Lenti, was born. At only 9 years of age he discovered his vocation and became an apprentice salumiere (a cured meat specialist).


The First Salumerie: from Pavia to Genoa

In the province of Pavia, near the church of Borgo Ticino, Lenti's first salumeria (a delicatessen specializing in cured meats) opened. This was followed some years later by the opening of a location in Genoa.


Technological innovation: the Beisser Patent

In an artisan era Attilio Lenti, a true connoisseur who was sensitive to the consumer's tastes and needs, acquired the Beisser Patent: an innovative system for intra-arterial salting, a new method for seasoning prosciutto cotto that shortened the production process from 15 days to 5. That same year, he moved to Turin where he opened the first Turin-based facility for the production of prosciutto cotto, near both the slaughter house and the ice house, thus resolving issues of supply and conservation.


Giorgio Lenti joins the company

The war had just ended when Giorgio Lenti became part of the company and a few years later his wife, Giusy, joined him. Thanks to the hard work of this couple, the production and sales network expanded over the following years.


Innovations: the aluminum mold and vacuum packaging

In the early 1950s the company implemented the use of the first aluminium molds for prosciutto cotto. This was followed a few years later by another innovation: vacuum packaging that allowed for better conservation of prosciutto cotto.


Logistic investments

The 1950s also witnessed changes in delivery methods: from the bicycle, with which up to 320 kg of prosciutto cotto could be transported, to the first van, the Leoncino. The company's production level increased to 200 prosciutto cotto per week.


The production facility in the province of Turin

The 1960s saw the sustained growth for the company that continued throughout the 1970s. 1961 marked an important step forward with the purchase of the Santena slaughter house and its transformation into a meat processing facility.


Lenti a demonstration of devotion

In 1970 the Lenti logo was created: the quadricuore (or four hearts), represent the “demonstration of devotion” that goes into every Lenti product. Production of prosciutto cotto now surpasses 1200 per week.


A farewell to polyphosphates

The changes continue throughout the 1970s with the launch of the first catalogue, a new corporate structure as the company becomes an S.p.A., and the production of the first prosciutto cotto without polyphosphates.


Acknowledging innovations

Thanks to the company's achievements, especially at the innovation level, Attilio Lenti was honored with the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic and the title of cavaliere (knight).


Among the first producers of roast turkey

With the arrival of Ruggero Lenti to head up the company, many new products are launched. Most notably, Lenti becomes one of the first Italian producers of roast turkey.


Product Innovations: Ostrich Prosciutto and Organic Prosciutto

The 1990s witnessed the company's opening of new distribution channels and above all new marketing strategies and constant research in the area of product innovation, resulting in the creation of Ostrich Prosciutto and Organic Cooked Prosciutto.


The first TV commercial and the flood

New communication strategies see the launch of the company's first consumer promotion and, in 1994, its first television commercial, broadcast on Italy's Rai 1. 1994 is a crisis year for the company due to the flood that hit Santena; however, 1995 sees a strong recovery with a revival in terms of both production and revenue for the company.


On the road to expansion

The new millennium is significant for the company, thanks to an expansion of the production facilities: new ovens, new molds, new packaging facilities and pasteurizers.


All production is certified as free of Gluten, Lactose, Caseinates and GMO ingredients

In 2004, the decision is made to seek third-party certification of all Lenti products for the absence of gluten, lactose and caseinates as well as free of GMO ingredients.


Lenti&Lode: the “Premium” product comes to the table

The years that witnessed the company's expansion through the reorganization of the logistics and the creation of an automated warehouse – along with production growth to 12,000 prosciutto cotto per week – also saw the launch of the new premium prosciutto cotto: Lenti&Lode.


Turin to eat

Launch of  the advertising campaign “Torino da Mangiare” (“Turin to eat”) with which we remember that Turin, Lenti’s hometown, is the city of gianduiotti chocolate, agnolotti pasta, grissini bread and also the city of a unique cooked ham born under the shadow of the Mole Antonelliana tower.


The Great Cooked Tradition

“La Grande Tradizione dei Cotti” (“The Great Cooked Tradition”), a new Premium Presliced range of products, is introduced in the market. All the fragrance and authenticity of our best high quality products enclosed in presliced trays. Every product is produced according to our original recipes, a family legacy passed down from 1935, and presliced to satisfy the needs of modern consumers who seek for high quality and service with respect of traditional methods.