See the video and discover all the production phases necessary to create high quality gourmet products.

Every day our meats are rigorously and thoroughly checked in order to ensure both safety and authenticity.

One fundamental stage of the process is still done manually by our master salumieri.

Attilio Lenti's recipe: spices and aromatic herbs are selected and skillfully combined to create exclusive blends that season the meats as they cook.

Advanced technologies are used to season our products and to monitor the ageing times of our meats.

The skill of experienced artisans is fundamental during this phase, in order to guarantee the quality and the pleasure that we recapture in Lenti's products.

A slow, refined process, it allows the essence of the seasoning to be captured, monitoring the process until the prosciutto cotto is perfectly cooked throughout.

Care and accuracy are fundamental at this stage and are insured by the use the most advanced technologies.

Intensive quality control also continues here, in the sensitive preparation stage for our packages of pre-sliced meats.

The management and organization of our storage facilities is completely automated.