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Lenti doesn't add Glutamate to any of its Prosciutto Cotto or Roast Meats. The absence of added glutamate in the finished products is made possible by the preparation of brines with ingredients that contain no glutamate.

The absence of glutamate is guaranteed by the application of the company guidelines as determined by the product's recipe, the health and safety manual and the company's quality control procedures which provide for strict monitoring of the use of production and processing techniques for each product; none of which include the addition of glutamate.

In the European Union, monosodium glutamate is classified as a food additive (identified with the code E621) and there are directives governing their use in food products.  Generally, monosodium glutamate is used by the food industry as a flavoring. Lenti products are also allergen-free and do not contain substances or products that can cause allergies or intolerances as referenced in Annex II of EU Regulation n ° 1169/2011.