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All of Lenti's products are free of GMO ingredients (corn, soy and derivatives), this product certification was issued in 2004 and is verified annually by the third party agency SGS Italy. The technical specification of the product for the use of NON-GMO ingredients provides that in the certified products – in reality all of our products – we only use ingredients that are not derived from genetically modified soybeans and/or corn and that raw materials – such as additives, processing aids and flavorings – neither contain nor consist of genetically modified organisms.

The consumer is thus protected from the risk of consuming any GMOs, i.e. organisms whose genetic material (DNA) has been modified by human manipulation, in a way that differs from what occurs in nature. As a third party agency, SGS Italy also certifies that Lenti's Scelto and Alta Qualità Prosciutto Cotto also maintains a salt content of no more than 1.84%. Lenti products are also allergen-free and do not contain substances or products that can cause allergies or intolerances as referenced in Annex II of EU Regulation n ° 1169/2011.