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All of Lenti's products have no added polyphosphates, this choice was communicated to the consumer in 1975 with the launch of the "Just Salt&Pork" campaign. The absence of polyphosphates in the finished products is made possible by the preparation of brines with ingredients that contain no polyphosphates.

The absence of polyphosphates is guaranteed by the application of the company guidelines as determined by the product's recipe, the health and safety manual and the company's quality control procedures which provide for strict monitoring of the use production and processing techniques for each product; none of which include the addition of polyphosphates.

Polyphosphates are inorganic compounds based on hydrogen and phosphorus, included in the category of gelling agents, emulsifiers and thickening agents in the food industry. If a manufacturer uses polyphosphates, they are required to indicate the presence of this ingredient on the product label. Lenti products are also allergen-free and do not contain substances or products that can cause allergies or intolerances as referenced in Annex II of EU Regulation n ° 1169/2011.